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Girl's Lacrosse Equipment Information And Skill Video Links


Informational Video on Girl's Lacrosse by Mason High School



Differences between boy's and girl's lacrosse:



Non-contact:  Modified stick-to-stick checking allowed

Contact:  Stick to body and body to body contact allowed

Protective Equipment:  Goggles and mouthguard

Protective Equipment:  Helmets, pads, gloves,etc.

Sticks:  Shorter with very shallow pocket

Sticks:  Vary in length with deep pocket

Team Size: 12 players

Team Size: 10 players

Shot Speed:  Slower due to shallow pocket

Shot Speed:  Fast due to ability to wind up with deeper pocket

Rules:  Designed around safety and minimal protective gear

Rules:  Similar to hockey in terms of checking

Similar sport:  High scoring soccer with basketball style plays and strategy

Similar sport: High scoring hockey




Equipment Information primarily from IGLA (Illinois Girl's Lacrosse Association)

1) STICK:  Please note, boys and girls sticks are different.  Girls have shooting strings that run vertically down the pocket versus a boys full mesh pocket.  Girls sticks also come in one standard length.  If you daughter is younger or shorter, you can cut down the shaft, but we recommend you first speak with a coach.  You can loosen the strings to make a deeper pocket to make it easier to catch.

2) GOGGLES:  Wire or plastic are ok.  Your daughter may wear glasses underneath, but the sides may not protrude through.  Look for a more rectangular sized frame that creates more space.  Some players recommend the Cascade Iris, Warrior goggles and the Bangerz OTG Plastic goggle.  Prescription goggles are also an option.
3) MOUTHGUARD:  Cannot be clear/white.  The mouth must be able to close over the mouthguard for it to fit properly and be legal. It must also extend to cover their back teeth (concussion prevention). No protruding tabs or ties to the goggles are allowed.  There are mouthguards that are specific for braces.  We highly recommend the $25 custom mouthguards through the link below.

4) BALL:  A hard rubber ball approximately 2.5" in diameter and weighing between 5 and 5.5 ounces.  There are soft ones available for younger players and to allow play without goggles or mouthguard.

IMPORTANT: Absolutely no jewelry is allowed during practice or games. Even if your daughter just got her ears pierced, the studs must come out every time she comes to the field. No exceptions! These are safety issues

Stick Length: 

The general rule of thumb is to put the butt of the stick in the girl's armpit and have her hold her arm out to the side, where her hand grasps should be just below the head after the handle has been cut.

Consider leaving the stick a little longer and see if that's workable - then you aren't buying another shaft after a growth spurt.  

Use a hacksaw to cut the stick.  You can use masking tape to make it easy to draw a line for cutting.  You can always make additional cuts, but you can’t lengthen the stick. 

IGLA Equipment recommendation


Top Recommendation: STX Package 
Cost: $80 
Colors: Available in White, Pink, Black, C. Blue 
 Includes stick, 4sight youth goggles, and bag 
Brand: Reebok 9K 
Cost: $60 
Colors: Black, White 

Top Recommendation: STX 4Sight or 4Sight Youth 
Cost 40.00 adult 36.00 youth 
Brand: Cascade Poly Air 
Cost: $25 
Colors: Silver, C. Blue or Pink 

Custom Mouthguard by DDS

Dentist Made Custom Mouthguard for $25
Shock Doctor Braces 
Specifically for girls with BRACES! 
Cost: $15 ($10,000 dental warranty) 
Colors: Available in Pink 


Video Links

A few training Opportunities for Kids and Parents alike:

For parent's or players relatively new to lacrosse or even for ones that have been playing for years, this link is great.  You can get an overview of key aspects of the game as well as download the current rule book.  

Youtube videos that give great instruction and most of the terminology is what we are using on the field.  Great for the players.  They are mostly 2-3 minutes a piece so won't take much time.  


Ground Balls



Stick Checking

Defensive Stance and Positioning

Wall Ball : Get better fast!

  1. Great Wall ball workout example - Watch the whole video to see more advance skills:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ty6r441_V0k&feature=player_detailpage